A thought-provoking and genre-bending look behind the scenes of what might be the world's only
underground DIY anarcho-feminist porn collective.                      [ read more | watch trailer ]

The DVD of Made in Secret is available for your home-viewing pleasure. In addition to the movie itself, we've crammed the disk full of bonus features galore—deleted scenes, audio commentaries, music videos, a Q&A with the collective, a behind-the-scenes featurette... It's a pretty nifty little package, and it can all be yours for a mere $15 postpaid in Canada and the US. (That's fifteen Canadian dollars if you're in Canada, and fifteen US dollars if you're in the US. Isn't that elegant?) If you're anywhere else in the world, we could really use a couple extra bucks to cover postage, so let's say $17 altogether. You can click the buttons below to pay by credit card or e-Check. Or if neither of those options work well for you, you can email us, and we'll figure out something else.

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All of the music was contributed by lovely East Vancouver artists. Check them out.
C.R. Avery | po' girl | The Wet Spots | Private Dancer Media

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You can email us at evpc +AT+ eastvanporncollective +DOT+ org.

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